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New Proposed Roads

The Winston-Salem Beltway is a proposed freeway loop around the North Carolina city of Winston-Salem. The northeastern and northwestern segments of this beltway, deemed the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway project, are the parts of the loop currently underway. The eastern section of the beltway will be designated as NC 74 (Future I-74) and the western section has been designated as North Carolina Highway 452.

The Northern Beltway will be a 34-mile freeway wrapping around the north side of Winston-Salem from I- 74/U.S. 311 southeast of Winston-Salem to U.S. 158 on the southwest side of the city near Clemmons.

Prior to signing a offer to purchase and contract a new home in the Triad, you should contact the following agencies to evaluate the possibility of a proposed road that may affect the material value of the property.