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Realtor Judy Jernigan, Owner of House Into Home NC is here to ensure you have a smooth home transition.

Licensed NC Real Estate Broker since 2013 Judy is enthusiastic, energetic, has the most-current information about NC Real Estate laws, market trends, and helping you smoothly navigate your next steps.

Considering buying a new home? Contact Judy. We’ll talk about your goals and needs – – help you meet them on time and on budget – – weighing your priorities of cost, quality, and size.

Considering selling your home? Judy offers you a personalized service package. Judy takes the time to discuss your needs, how she will help you get the most net $ in your pocket, and reveals what the market is saying about the house to help you make good decisions within your priorities of time or price.

Benefit from Judy as your real estate ally today – – 336-701-JUDY.

Judy is smart, fun, talented and ready to innovate.

Kris S.

Judy Jernigan is warm and highly knowledgeable in her position as a 5 star realtor. She willingly gave her time and shared her thoughts in our hunt for a home. I highly recommend her and condider her to be MY realtor from now on.

Becky Nesseth Sullivan