Judy’s House Into Home specializes in occupied home staging services.

Why home staging?

  • Staged Homes Sell Faster
  • Get a Higher Return on Investment
  • Stand Out in Today’s Market

With only 10% of home buyers able to visualize the potential of a vacant home, staging can make the difference between a fast sell for top dollar or a lengthy time on the market with price reductions.

Without Furniture, there is No Frame of Reference.
People Don’t Buy Houses, They Buy Homes. The number one reason a buyer purchases a home is because it “felt like home.” They made an emotional connection with the home.
When a Room is Empty, Buyers Focus on Negative Details.

Homebuyers make their decision to buy a house within minutes of entering it. Have you ever heard someone say, “We’ll know it when we see it?” Home purchasing decisions are often made with emotion and then justified with facts. We assist you in creating the ideal environment for a quick and profitable sale. We are your partners in your home selling process. We work with you and your agent to prepare your home BEFORE it goes on the market. Staging is an INVESTMENT in getting a house sold and the investment in Staging is ALWAYS less than the first price reduction. As a seller, you have control over only two factors: the list price and how your home looks.

Let us help you draw out every dollar of equity hidden throughout your house by presenting your home to the market at its absolute best! If the things in your house (what’s not for sale) command more attention than your house (what is for sale) than you’ve missed your mark.  If someone leaves talking about the “great sofa”, “beautiful area rugs” or “incredible elephant collection” in your dining room we’ve missed our mark. Our goal is for them to leave saying, “beautiful hardwoods”, “stunning views’”, and “I LOVE that house!”

THAT’s the difference! 

Just like marketing any other good or service, you want to present your home in the best light possible.

Here are just a few of the many additional benefits of staging your home:

  • Faster Sales Time
  • Higher Sales Price
  • It will attract a broader range of buyers
  • Agents LOVE showing their buyers a staged home.
  • Building Inspectors view a staged home as well cared for.
  • Buyers will feel that your home has been well-maintained.
  • Pictures will look so much better on flyers and websites.
  • Provides an implied lifestyle at a fraction of the cost!

staging pricing


Consultations are the backbone of any staging plan. All clients start with this step. This can be a stand alone service or you can have us return when you are ready.

After the consultation you will have your “homework,” a clear plan of how and where to get started. Oftentimes, this is when folks decide they would like us to come back for further assistance.

$350 for the first two hours, which generally covers houses up to 3,500 square feet. Larger homes may take more time. Additional hours are available for $150/hr.

Photo Prep

We return to put the finishing touches in place just before your marketing photos are taken. Realtors love us because stronger marketing photos strengthen your market position!

While a pillow tag or untucked sheet isn’t the end of the world when your home is toured during a showing it’s amazing how these small missed details can “pop” off the screen in a photo.

starting at $175—$250/hr, depending on how many stagers are required
minimum 1 hour session, available to clients who have completed their “homework” from their consultation.

Team Staging

Consultations often result in painting, pre-packing of personal items, and the removal of excess furniture. To whip a property into shape in record time takes a village. From painters and electricians to floorers and landscapers, we can help coordinate all the specialists you need to get the job done.

  • interior and exterior painting
  • carpet replacement
  • floor refinishing
  • light electrical and construction
  • landscaping
  • window washing
  • house cleaning
Once this “homework” is completed, we  help elevate the design to the next level to properly Stage each room. Whenever possible we like to use decor items you already have. On the outside chance additional items are needed, (i.e. greenery, pillows, art) we can make the final list so these critical items are available for our photo prep just before the oh-so-important marketing photos are taken.

Price varies depending on total number of team members and specialists needed to complete the Staging.

Vacant Staging

We have a talented group of professional Stagers in the area wonderfully equipped to stage any vacant home. Contact us and we’ll get you set up with just the right one!


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