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Alternate Downtown Routes: Business 40 Closing

It’s coming. You’ve read the signs, you’ve heard the radio announcements. There’s no turning back. Business 40 through downtown Winston-Salem is closing. To help you prepare, check out the tips and (home) videos below for a very informative ride-a-long.

Alternate Routes Driving Downtown from Clemmons:
If you’re coming from Clemmons to downtown you’re used to taking Business 40. Your best post-shutdown option for East bound traffic is to use the Peters Creek exit. The Peters Creek exit will remain open and will allow easy access to I-40 and downtown.

Your 2nd option, which would be longer and loops you around with the folks driving downtown from Kernersville/Greensboro is to take the Research Parkway exit. Watch how we did it!

Insider knowledge: The Peters Creek bridge area will increase from 4 lanes to 7 and will become a full loop ramp servicing traffic flowing in either direction. If you’ll be coming from South or East, Interstate 40 to 52 North will remain the same. Plan to tack 20 minutes to your normal commute by taking this route.

Where are all of the bridges!?
7 bridges will be removed and replaced across Business 40. These bridges will not be removed at the same time, so that detours and access to downtown will still be accessible. Focus will begin on the rebuilding of the first four bridges and then focus on the remaining three.

Why are we doing this again!?
Winston-Salem City Council and NCDOT have been studying and planning for the Business 40 project for the last 10 years. There have been numerous community meetings including the biggest vote by YOU, the voters! Instead of partially closing Business 40 for 6 years, Business 40 will close fully for 2 years. There was no option of “do nothing” as the safety condition of the bridges required them to be replaced.

More insider knowledge: The hired contractor for the project has committed to finishing the project in 20 months and will suffer significant financial penalties if not completed.

Let’s show you another alternative! Driving from Winston-Salem State University:

What’s going on in town while this project is underway? Will there be other work in town and what’s the rest of the traffic going to be like?
With the date of the project looming, the city has gone in to major emphasis on fixing traffic signals, painting lines, upgrading water and sewer lines now so that additional work through downtown and the surrounding areas will not need to be done during the Business 40 project. Please note that we can’t promise emergencies, wrecks, and general poor driving won’t cause slow downs. Be patient. The end result will be worth it!

Last items to know:
Main roads such as Robinhood, University, Reynolda and Martin Luther King coming in to downtown will have more congestion, so allow that extra 20 minutes!

For further information be sure to follow the City of Winston-Salem on Facebook, The Business 40 website and local news stations throughout the duration of the project.

As always, Judy and the House Into Home NC team are here to help you with any questions.

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