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DON’T Call Number On Sign: Why You Want A Buyer Agent

Just Sold By Judy Jernigan
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“Oh look honey, another postcard pointing out we missed another home for sale.”

“Why do Realtors send these if it’s already sold?”

*Let us answer this for you!:*

There are two sides to every real estate transaction. The seller’s agent – who puts their sign up on the lawn. And the buyer’s agent side. This somewhat “behind the scenes” role many consider the most important of the two. In this case, we represent the buyers and look out for their best interest – at no cost to them.  So why send a card letting you know we brought the buyer and seller together? Because we are really good at finding the *right home,* at the *right price* with the *right features* to meet our buyer-client’s needs.

  • We don’t sit behind a computer when our clients are house-hunting
  • We tour homes every week so we see them first hand
  • We meet with you to learn as much as we can about your wants and needs in a home
  • We help prepare you and help you form your #NewHome game plan, on your timeline  (Related: Home Buying Checklist)
  • We check the MLS new listings every day and email properties you may find interesting
  • We don’t waste your time    (Related: How & Why to get pre-approved | Home Loan Toolkit )
  • We don’t let you pay more than a house is worth
  • We help you through every step of the complicated and important negotiating, due-diligence, and closing process!

All this at no cost to the buyer!  When a buyer brings the funds for a purchase to the closing table, part of those funds are set aside out of the seller’s proceeds to compensate the real estate agents and their brokerages for their work in helping the buyer and seller (and lender, appraiser, inspector, insurer, etc) navigate the whole process and for making it all work out.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in all types of markets to represent your best-interests as a buyer or seller effectively.  Don’t be an unrepresented buyer or seller, you deserve having someone fight for you; contact us to be your best friend and ALLY in real estate.  

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