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Judy is SNS: a Strategic Negotiating Specialist – fighting for you

Want to make sure you don’t leave any money on the table?

Judy is a Strategic Negotiating Specialist (SNS)

What does this mean to you?
The Strategic Negotiating Specialists knows how important the process of negotiating is and has a process to ensure you get what you want. We approach negotiating by understanding your goals and creating a strategy to accomplish them. We have the skills and processes needed to navigate negotiating events without alienating the other party while still getting you the most $ the market will allow.

Why is this important?
In a real estate transaction there are multiple negotiations: the original contract, the repairs, the walk through, and potentially several more. These negotiations are over a period of several
weeks. The key to a successful sale is to keep everyone moving forward by understanding what’s most important to everyone involved while continuing to focus on you and your goals.