Buying Real Estate

Why do home sellers pay buyer’s Realtors?

Because with a real estate agent guiding them through this process – – buyers are much more likely to successfully make it to the closing table:home buying process infographic

Buying a new home is a complicated process – – and not one many people do very often in their lives.

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When a buyer brings the funds for a purchase to the closing table, part of those funds are set aside out of the seller’s proceeds to compensate the real estate agents and their brokerages for making it happen!  For all their hard work and expertise in guiding the buyer and seller (and lender, appraiser, inspectors, insurer, attorneys, and more) helping  them successfully navigate the whole process and for making it all work out.

Real estate agents share their hard-earned commissions with their brokerages – their company – for help and support to the agent behind the scenes.


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